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We Like to Keep it Green

Eco-Friendly Traverse City Hotels

At The Cherry Tree Inn & Suites, we're proud to be recognized as a Green Lodging Michigan Steward and to have received a "Very Good" Three Green Eco-Leafs rating from iStayGreen, an organization that determines the strength of hotels' green practices, allowing travelers and guests to find those hotels that make efforts to be environmentally friendly.

Eco-Friendly as an Amenity

In addition to our incredible amenities and beautifully appointed accommodations, it is very important to us that our guests feel safe and comfortable in every way—including the knowledge that you've chosen a hotel that cares about our environment and strives to do everything we can to have as low an impact as possible on our planet.

What Do We Do to Keep it Green? We Strive to:

  • Reuse or Recycle All Paper Products Used as a Daily Part of Our Operations
  • Properly Dispose of Batteries, Florescent Lights, and Other Dangerous Items
  • Conserve Energy While Maintaining a Luxurious Hotel Environment for Our Guests

We're proud to create, implement, promote, and lead the Cherry Tree as one of the finest green hotels in Northern Michigan. We promise to do this not with fiscal objectives in mind, but with a sincere desire to do what is right and proper in order to respect the earth that has been given to us.

Be Kind to the Planet with Luxurious BeeKind Bath Products

Of course, we keep the standard green hotel practices of conservation including lighting, heating, cooling, and recycling. The Cherry Tree Inn & Suites has taken it one step further with the use of BeeKind bath and beauty products in all guest rooms. Enjoy high-quality Gilchrist & Soames BeeKind products for your hair, skin, and body. BeeKind products help reduce the Cherry Tree's general waste with their innovative packaging, which can take up to 92 percent less space in landfills than plastic-bottled bath and beauty products commonly used throughout other lodging facilities. We know you'll love them; and not just because they're so kind to the earth.

BeeKind is Actually About the Bees, Too

Besides the reduction in waste, a portion of the proceeds for the BeeKind products supports honey bee and sustainable pollination research at the University of California Davis. Honey bees are an integral part of pollinating fruit trees, especially the cherry trees that cover the Traverse City region.

Cherry Tree Clean

The Cherry Tree Inn & Suites is a proud user of Proctor & Gamble cleaning chemicals in the daily cleaning of our rooms and our property. Chemicals like Spic & Span, Comet, Febreeze, Clean Quick Sanitizer and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser are integral in keeping the Cherry Tree clean and fresh. Proctor & Gamble cleaning products not only provide our guests the satisfaction of seeing well-known cleaning products used in their rooms, but they also provide effective and "green" friendly cleaning capabilities. The bottles are refillable and recyclable and the chemicals are more effective so less amount of chemical is needed to clean.

Along with cleaning products, the Cherry Tree uses Proctor & Gamble laundry products. These products—Tide, Clorox Bleach, Downy Softener—are well sealed to prevent spillage, use no phosphates and are specially formulated to make sheets and towels smell fresh and clean without using strong perfumes. Our guests can find comfort in knowing that the products used at the Cherry Tree are the same products they trust at home.

If you'd like to read more information on the Proctor & Gamble products and the Green Guarantee the Cherry Tree Inn & Suites uses and supports, you may visit or